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Where to Buy the Cheapest and Best Quality Eclipse Glasses

August 10 2016, 13:58

Do you love to watch an eclipse? Do you and your family make sure that every eclipse that happens in your area of the world is celebrated as an occasion...

Getting a View of Both Sky and Smiles

July 12 2016, 02:54

Life is all about a great view There's a lot to be said about a great view. There's good reason why tourism is often called sight seeing. Instead of an...

Looking at the Sky with a Different Perspective

June 10 2016, 09:21

There's an old saying that people need to stop and smell the roses every now and then. A more modern view of things might suggest that people should take...

How to Plan the Perfect Eclipse Party

May 8 2016, 12:58

Everyone loves a good party There's usually as many opinions about any given topic as there are people. Everyone likes or dislikes certain things. But...

Face the Sun with Confidence

April 7 2016, 15:58

In August 2017 Americans will once again have the joy of seeing a total eclipse of the sun. It is an amazing sight to see, and one that children everywhere...

How to Actually Stay Safe During an Eclipse

March 7 2016, 02:12

The true humbling nature of an eclipse An eclipse is an amazing event. It's one of the few events which happen on a cosmic level that people can count...

Where are the Best Stores to Buy Eclipse Glasses?

February 5 2016, 01:41

For anyone wanting to buy eclipse glasses for the next solar eclipse, you may be a little confused as to where to buy them? Does a normal optician sell...

How to Have a Safe Solar Eclipse Experience with Eclipse Glasses

January 3 2016, 08:50

How to have a safe solar eclipse experience with eclipse glasses With several solar eclipses happening around the world every year, you may be one of those...

Eclipse Glasses

December 7 2015, 08:49

In as much as we would wish to enjoy the thrilling experiences of life, it would be important for one to think about their health because those experiences...

View a Solar Eclipse Safely with Eclipse Glasses

November 10 2015, 12:14

View a Solar Eclipse Safely with Eclipse Glasses An eclipse is something that might occur once or twice a year. While scientists warn people about the...

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